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House Recladding Services,

House Recladding Services, Auckland

Recladding a house is essential in a range of situations. One of the most urgent is when the cladding on your home is no longer waterproof, so water is getting into the structure of your property. While recladding a house is a substantial project, the amount of work and costs involved are nothing compared to those where repairs first have to be made to the structure because of water damage.

The appearance of your home is important too, both in terms of its curb appeal and your levels of satisfaction with the house.
Appearances can also impact the value of your property. If you have old and tired looking cladding on your home, you are giving the appearance the house itself is old and tired. This is not a good first impression to make with prospective buyers.

At Add Value Renovations, we offer expert recladding services. This includes giving you advice on the best cladding option to choose for the location of your home, the style of construction, and the aesthetics you want to achieve.

We’ll then remove and dispose of the old cladding before carrying out any repairs that are necessary. Our team will then prepare the exterior surface of your house for the new cladding and will fit it to the highest possible standard.

To discuss your requirements for recladding, and to arrange a free consultation at your property, please contact us today by calling 09 393 5658.

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Recladding your home is a significant job. As a result, the best time to complete a recladding project is during a wider renovation project. This will ensure disruption is kept to a minimum as there will be builders working in your home anyway.

At Add Value Renovations, we can complete the recladding aspect of the project, or we can take on the entire renovation, including recladding.

That said, we understand it is not always practical or feasible to complete recladding projects at the same time as renovating your home. In these situations, we will thoroughly plan the work to ensure it can be completed in as little time as possible while maintaining our high-quality standards. We’ll also work with you to ensure we operate in a way that causes as little disruption as possible.

So, whether you are looking for Auckland renovations and reclads,
or you need recladding services on their own, contact us at today.

What our customers think of Add Value Renovation:

Dylan & Hannah

Full rustic home renovation

"Simon and his team absolutely smashed it, with the excellent design and the perfect execution of the finishing touches.
He transformed our lives."

Birkenhead, Auckland

Blair Foreman

2 bathroom / Kitchen renovation

"Everything was easy to understand, easy to follow, his contract was very good, and he's a registered master-builder so I felt like I was in safe hands"

Meadowbank, Auckland

Gary Swift

Whole-floor AirBnB Conversion

"Simon struck me as a very personable individual and I felt confident that as a registered master builder that he was going to give me a good job"

Meadowbank, Auckland

Recladding and the Cost Implications for Homes in NZ

Recladding will require an investment on your behalf. The level of this investment will depend on the type of cladding you choose to install, the level of structural remedial works that are required, and the size of your property.

However, when you reclad a building, whether it is a house or commercial building, it’s important to view the project as an investment rather than as a simple cost.

Recladding your home will protect it from the elements, saving you money in the long-term.

This is before you even account for the increase in value you can expect from recladding.

To discuss this further, or for any other recladding enquiry, please call today on 09 393 5658.


Step one of our process

1) Free Consultation

The first step is an initial consultation with one of our senior master builders, meeting at your property to discuss your vision for the renovation. During this visit, we'll identify your requirements (including your budget) and we will discuss initial ideas.

Step two of our process

2) Concept Plans

We will determine if we can stay within your budget and will send the initial ideas to an architect. They will draw out a good concept of what we are thinking about and what has been discussed in the consultation. Then, we will determine a cost that is around 80% accurate.

Step three of our process

3) Fixed Price Contract

Don't worry about step 2, as we will get far more accurate before anything large is done. If the concept drawing is approved, we can move to the next phase where the drawing gets added detail and the quote is revised until it is around 95% accurate.

Step four of our process

4) Starting Your Dream

Once the scope of building works and all necessary paperwork is approved, we'll create a tailored contract. You can also meet the Add Value Renovations crew before accepting the project. This is when the fun begins, and we turn your vision into reality.