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Your Effortless Renovation Journey with Add Value Renovations

Welcome to Add Value Renovation, where we are dedicated to not only providing outstanding renovation services but also ensuring that your renovation experience is as seamless as possible.

Our commitment to adding value to your project is at the heart of everything we do. To help you navigate our exceptional service, we have created this comprehensive guide, which will take you through each step of your renovation journey with us.

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Step 1: Initial Consultation & Cost Planning

This is where your project begins. We start by thoroughly discussing your vision and scheduling an on-site consultation. We provide an initial cost estimate to give you an early financial overview. Once you approve the budget, we formalize the preliminary contract and secure a deposit to prioritize your project.

Book a Call

Contact us to schedule a personalized consultation.

Discovery Call

We begin with a friendly conversation to understand your vision and goals.

Onsite Consultation

Our team visits your property to get a firsthand look and gather specific details.

Cost Planning

Our experienced Quantity Surveyor (QS) provides an initial cost estimate tailored to your project.

Approved Cost Planning

Once you're comfortable with the cost plan, we proceed to the next stage.

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Step 2: Detailed Planning & QS Report

Now, your vision starts taking shape. We create a distinctive concept design, prepare a detailed QS report and quotation, and present them for your approval. Precise site measurements are taken, and we fine-tune the concept as needed. We then finalise the Master Building (MB) Contract and arrange the required deposit to secure your project’s schedule.

Concept Design and QS Report

We create a unique concept design and develop a customized QS report and quotation.

Quotation Approval

After reviewing the quotation, you give it the green light.

Site Measurement

Precise site measurements are taken to ensure accuracy.

Concept Updates

We refine the concept based on the QS report, making any necessary changes to the scope.

Final QS Report

A final QS report is generated, offering complete transparency in project costs.

MB Contract & Guarantee Documents

We prepare and finalize the Master Building (MB) Contract, detailing all aspects of the project.

Deposit Process

Prior to commencing detailed architecture drawings, a deposit is required to secure your project's spot in our schedule.

Detailed Architecture Drawings & Interior Design

Detailed drawings and interior designs are meticulously crafted.

Owner Approval & Consent Applications

You provide the final approval, and we submit the design to the council for consent applications.

Consent Approved

Once we secure council approval, we move forward.

Final Changes

Any design changes or owner selections are addressed to ensure your satisfaction.

Start Date Booking

We work around your schedule to book a start date that suits you best.

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Step 3: Expert Execution & Guarantee

Here’s where the magic happens. Construction commences according to the approved plan, and you receive weekly progress payment claims. We maintain open communication with regular site meetings and updates. Quality remains our priority, with thorough inspections throughout. As we near completion, we address any remaining issues with a snag list, provide a maintenance schedule & 10 years Master Builder Guarantee. Your unique vision becomes a reality through the expertise of our team.

Owner's Portal

Gain exclusive access to our owner's portal for personalized project updates.

Scheduled Work

Our dedicated team commences construction, taking your project from concept to reality.

Council Inspections

We handle all necessary council inspections, making the process hassle-free for you.

Variation Approval

If any changes arise during construction, we seek your approval promptly.

Progress Payment Claims

You'll receive payment claims on a weekly basis, keeping you updated on the project's financial progress as we reach significant milestones.

Site Log & Site Meetings

We maintain a site log and hold regular meetings with you to keep you informed and involved.

Snag List Before Handover

We ensure all remaining issues or "snags" are addressed before the handover.

Practical Completion

Your project reaches practical completion, ready for you to enjoy and add value.

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Step 4: Dedicated Aftercare

Our service extends beyond the build. Enjoy our 12-month inspections and a 6-year structural warranty, ensuring your investment and peace of mind last for years to come.

Maintenance Schedule

Receive a personalized maintenance schedule for your renovated space.

10 Years Master Guarantee

We provide you with a 10-Year Structural Guarantee, and two years Materials and Workshop warranty.

With these personalised steps, we’re excited to embark on a renovation journey that will not only enhance your space but also add significant value to your property. Let’s make your vision a reality together.

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