Renovate, Refurbish, or Extend
your home

Increasing / improving your living space, and adding value to the home of your dreams.

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How we Add Value
for You

Do you want to extend your home but don’t have the expertise? Home extensions can be anything from a little extra living room space to the addition of new rooms. This may seem like a big deal, but we do this type of work all the time. Let us take that weight from your shoulders.

Extend your home!

Are you thinking of doing a bathroom addition, but don’t know where to start? Home additions are usually medium to large-scale renovation projects. Don't worry, though, as it's not as daunting as it sounds, particularly when you work with our highly experienced team.

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Kitchen and

Do you think your kitchen or bathroom needs a makeover, but don’t know how? Renovations like these are some of the most important to complete in your home, so it's understandable if you feel pressure to get it perfect. We have awesome designers who can help you out.

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What Add Value is all about

My vision with Add Value Renovations is to help all Kiwi families add value to their property with expert renovation services. The renovation should be something your family can afford, plus it should benefit both your family now and the next occupants when you decide to sell. Everyone owning and occupying the home benefits from the increase in value.”

- Simon Liu, Founder, Add Value Renovations

What others have said about our work

"Everything was easy to understand, easy to follow, his contract was very good, and he's a registered master- builder so I felt like I was in safe hands"

- Blair Foreman: Meadowbank, Auckland

We've got you covered

We are based in Remuera, but we work throughout Auckland Central, South Auckland Manukau, East Auckland Howick, Henderson, and the North Shore.

You can trust our amazing team of renovators to take care of everything you need. Here's what you can expect:

  • Bathroom and kitchen expertise. After all, your bathroom and kitchen will increase the value of your home more than anything.
  • Taking care of Auckland Council & Watercare building consent checks and processes.
  • Our skilled team is qualified to take care of landscaping, building, painting, tiling, concreting, and carpentry. We also work with trusted plumbers, electricians, and other experts.

Our difference: Quality assurance guarantee

Our renovation experts work in collaboration with you to help achieve your goals. We match your dreams and your budget by offering these guarantees:

  • Guarantee of price and quality in your contract
  • Master Builders Quality guarantee
  • Servicing of the part of your home which we renovate is built into our contract & Master Builders Quality guarantee
  • Finely detailed plans helping assure you what’s going to be renovated, when, and how much it will cost
  • Our tradesmen work on your home at agreed hours and we’re flexible if you have a public commercial space

Why Choose Us When Planning a House Renovation in Auckland?

At Add Value Renovations, we’ve got the house renovation experience, skills, and know-how you are looking for, plus our services are available throughout the Auckland area. We are fully licensed too, and all renovation work that we complete is covered by a guarantee.

The experience in home renovations in Auckland mentioned above covers both large projects and small. This includes completing complex renovation projects where there is a high-end specification and the inclusion of modern technologies. We also have experience completing home renovation projects in Auckland that are driven by budget, where clients want to get as much as possible for the money they have to spend.

Whatever your specific requirements, you can expect the highest standards of workmanship in addition to a full range of services. This includes help and expert advice when you are in the planning stages of your renovation. We can help you find an architect, for example, we can deal with queries from the council on your plans, and we can provide input into the design from a building perspective.

House renovations in Auckland are our specialty, and we’re the best in the business, so get in touch with us today.