Tipene Place bathroom renovation

Bathroom Renovation Specialists, Auckland

Phone 09 393 5658

Bathroom Renovation Specialists, Auckland

Phone 09 393 5658

Refurbishing your bathroom is one of the simplest ways to increase the capital value of your property and enhance your living experience.

We take pride in providing best-in-class bathroom renovation services that are affordable, well-designed, and exceptionally watertight.

As specialist bathroom renovators servicing all of Auckland, we believe in quality craftsmanship, fast turnaround, and exceptional customer service.

We'll work with you through an end-to-end experience from design input and detailed quotation to the planning and completion of the project. We'll ensure minimal downtime (nobody wants a home with no shower or toilet facilities!) and we will work with you to provide the best renovation experience you’ll ever have.

Phone 09 393 5658 or email us for a no-obligation discussion with one of our qualified building practitioners.

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Why are bathroom renovation so important?

Bathroom renovation are one of the most popular services we offer at Add Value Renovation. The reasons our customers choose to renovate their bathrooms are almost as varied as the customers themselves.

Increasing the value of your property is one of the main reasons.
This is an area where we really stand out from the competition as we understand the impact of renovation projects on the value of properties in Auckland.

This means we can help in the planning stages of your bathroom renovation project to ensure you get the return on investment you expect, particularly if increasing the value of your property is your main priority.

Of course, increasing property values is only one reason for renovating a bathroom. Bathroom renovation can also transform your home in addition to making the room more comfortable and relaxing to spend time in.

The latter point should not be underestimated. Bathrooms need to be functional, but they should also be places of calmness and quiet. They are where you start and finish your day, and they are often places that you go to when you need to unwind. This especially applies if you have a bathroom with a nice big tub.

Therefore, you need to love your bathroom so you can love spending time in it. This is what we can give you with our bathroom renovation service – a bathroom that you will love spending time in.

To discuss your ideas for a new bathroom, or to get inspiration from our team, please contact us on 09 393 5658 today.

What our customers think of Add Value Renovation:

Dylan & Hannah

Full rustic home renovation

"Simon and his team absolutely smashed it, with the excellent design and the perfect execution of the finishing touches.
He transformed our lives."

Birkenhead, Auckland

Blair Foreman

2 bathroom / Kitchen renovation

"Everything was easy to understand, easy to follow, his contract was very good, and he's a registered master-builder so I felt like I was in safe hands"

Meadowbank, Auckland

Gary Swift

Whole-floor AirBnB Conversion

"Simon struck me as a very personable individual and I felt confident that as a registered master builder that he was going to give me a good job"

Meadowbank, Auckland

Completing Bathroom Renovation in:
North, South, West, & East Auckland As Well as the North Shore

Wherever you are located in Auckland or the North Shore, you can benefit from our expert bathroom renovation services. Our team is professional and friendly, and they will cause as little disruption in your home as possible during the renovation work. We offer fixed-price contracts too, so you will know the cost of the renovation upfront. Get in touch today.

How we work with you for Bathroom Remodel Auckland:

Step one of our process

1) Free Consultation

The first step is an initial consultation with one of our senior master builders, meeting at your property to discuss your vision of the renovation. During this visit, we'll identify your requirements (including budget) and discuss initial ideas.

Step two of our process

2) Bathroom Inspection

Bathrooms can contain all sorts of nasty surprises. At Add Value Renovations, we like to remove these risks (and potential costs) by doing an inspection during or after the first meeting. This allows us to test for moisture or damage, and to get a better idea of what you want from your new bathroom.

Step three of our process

3) Fixed Price Contract

You will have received a rough estimate for the work by this stage, but don't worry, we will produce a far more accurate quote before any significant work is done. If the concept drawing is approved, we can then move into the next phase where the drawing gets additional detail. We’ll also revise our quote to around 95% accuracy.

Step four of our process

4) Starting Your Dream

Once the scope of bathroom renovation work and all necessary paperwork is approved, we'll create a tailored contract. You can also meet the Add Value Renovations crew before accepting the project. This is when the fun begins, and we turn your vision into reality.