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Recladding Plaster Home + Second Storey Extension in Epsom, Auckland

Lee’s family purchased a home in Epsom, Central Auckland, 15 years ago with the hope of creating a happy family life. However, they found that the home was suffering from extensive water damage and mould. Despite the challenges, they were determined to make their house habitable and beautiful again. They approached our team with their renovation goal, and we embarked on a journey that required close collaboration with council authorities, engineers, architects, and frame inspectors to find solutions to the myriad of issues.

The Challenges

The project was marked by its challenges, primarily stemming from the extensive damage caused by the leaking cladding. Our team needed to coordinate with various parties to formulate effective solutions that would rectify the problems and ensure the home’s safety for habitation.

One of the key challenges we faced was the extension of the house on top of the garage to add another bedroom with an ensuite to the home. This required careful planning, engineering, and architectural expertise to ensure a seamless integration and structural integrity.

Before & After

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The home was in a deteriorating state with mould and water damage. To transform the property into a modern, architecturally designed masterpiece, the existing cladding was removed and the home was stripped down to its bare structure. Through meticulous effort and expertise, the property was successfully renovated. The addition of new vertical shiplap weatherboard cladding not only resolved the leaks but also gave the house a fresh and updated look. Despite its challenges, the extension on top of the garage provided a new bedroom with an ensuite, which not only enhanced the functionality but also improved the value of the home.

The Transformation

The final result was nothing short of extraordinary – a beautiful, functional, and safe home that Lee’s family can enjoy for many years to come. The recladding project not only granted the home a fresh start but also guaranteed a safe and comfortable living space for years to come, while the extension added value and space.

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