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Second Level Extension + Louvertec Roof Central Auckland

Suresh, a longtime homeowner in Central Auckland, had raised his entire family in his beloved home. However, as his children grew up and moved out, he discovered that there wasn’t enough entertainment space on the second level for his grandchildren to run around when they came to visit. Determined to create a vibrant and welcoming space for his growing family, he approached us with a unique vision. Suresh wanted to design and build an outdoor entertainment area featuring a Louvertec roof. Additionally, he sought to add a carport on the ground level to accommodate more vehicles.

The Challenges

Our team encountered two significant challenges in this project. Firstly, finding a design that met Suresh’s entertainment needs while blending with the existing home. In addition, we had to ensure the practicality of the Louvertec roof and find matching materials. Secondly, we had to apply for building consent and collaborate with engineers and trades to execute the vision effectively. Our proactive approach saved valuable time and resources, and we achieved significant savings in both timber and overall effort by optimising resource usage and coordinating with multiple specialists, ultimately benefitting the client.

Before & After

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Before the project, the home lacked an outdoor entertainment area, leaving the family with limited options indoors. This restricted the space for children to play and move around freely. Collaborating closely with Suresh and his family, we embarked on the journey to design and build a magnificent Louvertec pergola. This outdoor space became the perfect venue for family gatherings, allowing them to create cherished memories.

The Louvertec roof gives them control over the amount of sun and shade, making the area versatile and comfortable. Additionally, the project included the creation of a carport on the ground level, providing a practical solution for accommodating multiple vehicles.

The Transformation

The end result brought immense satisfaction to Suresh and his family. They now have a beautiful and functional outdoor entertainment area that will be treasured for years to come. The Louvertec pergola not only added value to their home but also enhanced its overall comfort and livability.

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