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Bathroom Addition + Architectural Home Remodel in North Shore

Dylan and Hannah are a young couple with two kids, living in their two-bedroom architecturally designed home in Birkenhead. As their family grew, they found themselves in need of an additional bedroom and bathroom. However, they struggled to find a building company to help them with the building consent process.

The Challenges

The biggest challenge that Dylan and Hannah faced was finding a building company that could help them navigate the complex building consent process. They also wanted to ensure that any additions to their home would be in keeping with the original architectural design.

Original outdated bathroom in North Shore, Auckland, with worn tiles and outdated fixtures.

Before & After

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Before the bathroom addition, Dylan and Hannah’s house was a cramped two-bedroom with only one bathroom. They had a storage room that was not being used, and their bathroom was small and not functional for their growing family.

The project added a spacious bedroom for their children, an additional bathroom, and a functional storage room. The thoughtful design blended seamlessly with the original architectural design, creating a cohesive and functional living space.

Simon and his team absolutely smashed it, with the excellent design and the perfect execution of the finishing touches. He transformed our lives.

Dylan & Hannah

The Transformation

Dylan and Hannah’s bathroom renovation became a success story, showcasing how a well-planned addition can seamlessly blend with an existing home’s architectural design. The result was a harmonious and functional living space that met the needs of their expanding family, providing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for years to come.

  • Addition of a spacious bedroom
  • Addition of an extra bathroom
  • Thoughtful design that seamlessly blends with the original architectural design
  • Maximise the use of available space
  • Add long-term value to the property

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