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Modern Classic Kitchen + Bathroom Renovations in West Auckland

Twelve years ago, Karen and Konstantin embarked on a new chapter of their lives by purchasing a house that, despite its run-down appearance and overgrown gardens, held the promise of becoming a cherished family home. The property, with its dated bathroom and kitchen, desperately needed a transformation. As a young couple just starting their family, Karen and Konstantin knew that renovating their home was essential, but they also recognised the importance of financial planning and patience. Their journey of saving and planning finally led them to take the first steps towards renovation in 2021.

The Challenges

When Karen and Konstantin decided to renovate, they faced the daunting task of selecting the right builders for their bathroom and office renovations. They reached out to several companies, but finding a trustworthy partner who understood the intricacies of the renovation process, including legal requirements, proved challenging. Their quest led them to Add Value Renovations (AVR), a company that distinguished itself by highlighting the necessity of obtaining a building consent for a tiled bathroom – a fact later confirmed by Auckland Council. This attention to detail and adherence to legal standards showcased AVR’s commitment to quality and legality, a crucial factor for the couple, who were previously unaware of the insurance implications of unauthorised work.

Before & After

Drag the slider and see the transformation!

The initial engagement with AVR transformed an outdated bathroom into a modern, functional space that perfectly balances classic aesthetics with contemporary design. The renovation journey didn’t stop there. Encouraged by the success of their first project, Karen and Konstantin reconnected with Simon from AVR at the end of 2023 to embark on their dream kitchen renovation. The transformation was nothing short of remarkable, with the outdated kitchen evolving into a modern classic masterpiece that exudes warmth, elegance, and functionality.

We have used the services of Add Value Renovations twice over three years, once for bathroom renovations and more recently for our kitchen and deck. The quality of work has always been excellent and any issues that arose were dealt with quickly and professionally. We initially chose this company because we were after a more unique look for our renovations that would require a more out-of-the-box approach to planning and execution. Simon was most willing to accommodate our requests and find alternatives when required. Needless to say we were happy with the results and we approached them again to continue our renovations. The pictures speak for themselves!

The Transformation

The completion of the kitchen renovation marked the fulfilment of Karen and Konstantin’s vision for their home – a blend of modern convenience and classic design that created a welcoming and beautiful space for their growing family. Karen’s joy and satisfaction with the new kitchen underscored the success of the renovation, highlighting the effectiveness of AVR’s approach to understanding and executing their clients’ dreams. The journey of transforming their run-down property into a stunning home not only enhanced their living experience but also added significant value to their property. Karen and Konstantin’s story is a testament to the power of patience, planning, and partnering with the right renovation company to turn a house into a dream home.

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