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Home Renovations + Bathroom Addition to House in Auckland

Simon and Joanna, a young couple living in Auckland, recently acquired a house that boasted a spacious living room upstairs. However, they soon realised that the space wasn’t fulfilling its potential as they had initially hoped. With the determination to make their home better suit their needs, they embarked on the transformative journey of converting the living room into a bedroom and ensuite.

The Challenges

The primary challenge of this project lay in turning a generously sized living area into a functional bedroom and ensuite. This called for meticulous planning and creative solutions to maximise the use of space. Operating within a budget constraint added complexity, requiring a strategic selection of materials and finishes.

In addition to budget constraints, obtaining a building consent from the council proved to be another hurdle. The intricacies of navigating council regulations and securing the necessary approvals were daunting. This is where Add Value Renovations stepped in, taking on the responsibility of managing the entire process.

Before & After

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The living room upstairs, while spacious and well-lit, fell short of meeting Simon and Joanna’s specific needs. It was time for a change. They envisioned the space transformed into a functional bedroom and ensuite, offering enhanced privacy and comfort.

Following the renovation, their vision was beautifully realised. The converted bedroom and ensuite now stand as a testament to efficient design and thoughtful execution. Abundant natural light graces the bedroom, which is furnished with a comfortable bed and essential furnishings. The ensuite exudes modernity, featuring high-quality fixtures and finishes.

The renovation has not only improved our home but has also changed our lives for the better. We now have a dream space that meets our requirements, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the transformation.

Simon & Joanna

The Transformation

Simon and Joanna now enjoy a beautiful and functional bedroom and ensuite that perfectly align with their needs. This transformation not only enhances the functionality of their home but also contributes to its overall appeal.

  • Functional space
  • Improved lifestyle
  • Enhanced home value

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