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Home Extension + Conservatory Conversion North Shore

Ben and Sugar had called their Northcote house home for over two decades, but as their children grew and moved on, they were ready for a change. The house had remained virtually unchanged since 1959, and the time had come to breathe new life into their space. Their vision was to modernise the house, create an open living area, and add a separate master bedroom with an ensuite.

They reached out to Add Value Renovations, received a fixed-price quote, and immediately greenlit the project. However, early into the renovation, it became evident that some crucial details were overlooked in the architect’s plans. A new architect was brought in to correct the course.

The Challenges

The primary challenge in this project arose when the need to update the architect’s plans became apparent midway through the job. While this introduced delays and added to the overall cost, the decision to enlist a new architect ensured that everything was meticulously updated and executed correctly.

The property’s location also posed logistical challenges, but our dedicated team navigated these issues adeptly, delivering a project of the highest standard.

Before & After

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After the renovation, the property was transformed from an aging and worn-out space into a modern and comfortable haven. Prior to the renovation, the conservatory was in poor condition, and there was a lack of an ensuite or separate master bedroom. Despite the beautiful bush reserve at the back, the potential of the space was not yet realised.

Following the renovation, an open-plan living area was created, in addition to a separate master bedroom with an ensuite. The existing sunroom was converted into additional living space, seamlessly blending with the rest of the house. A new entertainment area and a spare bedroom for visiting grandchildren were also added. Sugar’s dream kitchen and a beautiful bathroom now overlooks the tranquil bush reserve, creating a serene atmosphere within the home.

The Transformation

Ben and Sugar were overjoyed with the results of their home renovation. They now enjoy an updated and modernised home that perfectly meets their needs while significantly enhancing their property’s value. Add Value Renovations’ professionalism and expertise shone throughout the project, managing the council inspection process seamlessly and ensuring a smooth and successful project outcome.

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