What to expect when you choose Add Value Renovations

With Add Value Renovations, you’ll have someone with you every step of the way.

This detailed description of our entire process will let you know exactly what to expect when you choose to work with Add Value Renovations.

Step 1 – Get in touch

You can always contact us by phone or, if you prefer an online experience, send us a message through our contact page and we will be in touch within 24hrs.

We’ll ask a few questions to understand a bit more about your project and give you a chance to ask us any of your own. Once we know what we can do for you, we’ll schedule a professional building consultation with one of our senior master builders.

Step 2 – We listen

In this meeting, we will cover all the important topics of your build/renovations. We’ll come to you and listen to your ideas, learn your vision, and understand your goals, including:

Importantly, we will look at your budget before you get the plans drawn up. If you go straight to getting plans done, it’s easy to miss your budget completely.

Step 3 – Feasibility

To make sure your dream can be achieved within the council’s rules we will:

Step 4 – Reporting back

We will provide you with a comprehensive report of what can be achieved on your property within your budget. This is followed by a second meeting with our designers, builders and any specialists.

In this meeting, we will look through each option and help you weigh the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision about which option is best for your family.

Step 5 – Design and plan

Our experienced architects and builders will work with you to create a plan that incorporates your vision and is practical to implement. We will give you ballpark price to make sure the plan matches your budget, this is about 80% accurate.

After all the adjustments are made, we will consult with you and then send it through to the council for processing.

Step 6 – Quantity surveyor (QS)

We will provide a fixed-price quote based on the plans approved by the council. This detailed pricing schedule will be done by a QS, which covers everything from roofing screws to door handles.

There is a fee to cover the QS and our administration.

Step 7 – Consent approval

As soon as the building consent is approved, we will schedule a site meeting with you to introduce all of our team members and subcontractors. We will update you if there are any variations in the approved plans or anything subcontractors find on site.

We will try to cover all costs before you go ahead to ensure the job will be completed within budget.

Step 8 – Action plan

We plan to perfection to ensure we hit every deadline possible. Our "Add Value Action Plan" provides you with everything you need to know, including:

Step 9 – Contract

We will invite you to our office to sign the following documents so we can get underway:

Step 10 – the journey begins!

It's the journey we've all been waiting for and our highest goal is to get it done on time to the highest standard. Communication is of the utmost importance throughout this stage. We will keep you updated with:

Step 11 – live in your dream

Once the final inspection is passed, we will go through the Master Builder handover checklist with you to make sure we didn't miss anything out. When you are fully satisfied with the job, we hire a professional cleaning company perform a thorough clean before you move in.

You will also receive:

Now’s the moment you’ve been working towards! You can now live comfortably in your brand new dream space.

We also provide:

Project Management
We endeavour to minimise the stress that can often come with large renovation projects. We provide top-quality project management, including checklists, online project management platforms, great communication and transparency.

Interior Design
If you want next-level finishing, we will refer you to our award-winning interior designers to discuss your final finishing. The designers can assist you with your space design, colour, trends and lighting.

Commercial Cleaning Service
A gift from us to celebrate a job well done!

Maintenance Programme
We want to look after you and your new home. We will provide 1 year of home maintenance servicing for free!

We Only Do Fixed Price Renovation!