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Garage Conversion + Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations in Remuera

When Simon and Jo set their hearts on a charming house in the prestigious suburb of Remuera, they were drawn to its potential despite its limitations. Originally configured with just two bedrooms, the property featured a downstairs area previously converted from a garage into living space before 1990. Eager to transform this space into two additional bedrooms and a separate bathroom, they embarked on a journey filled with unexpected challenges and rewarding outcomes.

The Challenges

The initial excitement soon met a hurdle when applying for building consent. Simon and Jo discovered that the downstairs area was still officially recorded as a garage, not living space. This revelation meant they needed to obtain a Certificate of Acceptance (COA) from a building specialist, to verify that the previous conversion was up to code. The process was fraught with anxiety, as the legality of the existing structure came into question.

Before & After

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The transformation from a modest two-bedroom home with an unofficial living space to a fully renovated, legal, and functional residence is a testament to Simon and Jo’s resilience and vision. The project not only added valuable living space but also significantly enhanced the property’s appeal and value.

Facing the unexpected challenge of the COA was daunting, but it led us to fully appreciate the importance of legality and compliance in renovations. The journey to convert our garage into livable space, coupled with the stunning kitchen renovation, has not only fulfilled our immediate needs but has also added immense value to our home. We are deeply grateful for the expertise and support that turned our concerns into a remarkable success story.

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The Transformation

Determined to realise their vision, Simon and Jo navigated the complexities of building regulations in Remuera. Their project encompassed:

  • Garage conversion into bedrooms and bathroom:  Successfully converting the former garage into two spacious bedrooms and a modern bathroom, all fully compliant with building standards.
  • Kitchen renovations: The heart of the home received a complete makeover, featuring dark oak Melteca panels, engineered stone surfaces, and high-end Miele appliances, complemented by Hettich hardware, ensuring a blend of aesthetics and functionality.

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