Modern Bungalow -
Open-Plan Kitchen Renovation

Project overview:

Renovated the kitchen area, removing the structural wall to create an open-plan living space. Added a new pantry for more storage space.

Key requirements:

  • Built within client's budget
  • Manage building consent process
  • Assist with interior design
  • Project complete with time to spare

Bungalows can often feel small and confined. Add Value Renovations threw that out the window by taking the best parts of this classic family bungalow and giving it new life with contemporary design and modern appliances.

Scroll down to see what went into this renovation, and how we can help you realise your dream home.

You don't have to compromise on the historical character of your bungalow or villa for a modern look. We can bring them together.

Add Value Renovations' team has experience creating a home with a traditional look and feel together with a modern flair for a seamless upgrade. Mny homes in the Auckland region have rich heritage and you can rest assured that with Add Value, yours will be in good hands.

Traditional wooden flooring wtih a contrasting clean modern touch.
The floor plan for this kitchen renovation created by Simon and his team.

Add Value Renovations works with you to create a detailed floor plan of what your new home will look like. We believe in guiding the client every step of the way.

To make your renovation experience a breeze, Add Value can assist with every aspect of re-imagining your home; from paper to reality, as we have just as much experience designing homes as we do building them.

Do you want to open out your home for more spacious living? Add Value Renovations is experienced in structural wall removal for open plan designs.

Open-plan living spaces make any home feel more modern and fresh, Simon and his team have been putting their experience in the safe removal and replacement of structural walls to good use – creating maximum impact for your home.

Removing a structural wall to join the kitchen and dining room.
Consent example for the bungalow renovation.

When you begin a renovation project, you need to go through the often stressful process of applying for building consent. Add Value Renovations can help take that stress off your shoulders.

We provide a full project management service to ensure your building consent application process is carried out correctly and that you can achieve your final Code Compliance Certificate (CCC).


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