Renovation before selling your house

Project overview:

For many years this property was utilised as a rental and as you could imagine the upkeep of this house was left behind and the overall look was outdated. The owner contacted us and questioned whether it is worth renovating a house before selling. The housing market was hot and time was a factor in the decision making process. When we began the project, the customer’s why was very important, it determined many of the decisions when figuring out what to renovate in this North Shore renovations. Time was of the essence and the home needed to be both highly presentable and a quality family home ready for the housing market. The owner wanted a home renovation team that could get the job done with professional renovation builders

Key requirements:

  • Fast turn around
  • Fixed Budget
  • Must be done in a short period of time
  • Sort out the unconsented work

The customer’s reason why was very important to us because it guided what we were going to achieve and how we were going to achieve it. The home needed to be both a highly presentable and a quality family home ready for the housing market.

On inspection our LBP builder SImon, was able to identify unconsented work and a few leaks throughout the house. No one wants to be buying a house with unconsented work, so ensuring that the house was up to standard structurally was crucial in the selling process. Removing the unconsented work and ensuring the house was watertight were issues which our builder fixed right away.
On the inside of the house we upgraded both kitchen and bathroom spaces, doing both a small kitchen renovation and bathroom renovations. We installed new lighting throughout the house and added a splash of paint throughout the interior of the house. This gave the house a more modern feel whilst also keeping the wood exposed to keep the existing lockwood character. Small renovations on the inside of the house meant we didn’t blow the home owners budget and their reinvestment into the house was not going to waste.
Final product for the bed room
When potential buyers look at the house the outside is its first impression. It can show both character and potential and with a small landscaping budget we knew that we needed to get it right. We tidied the gardens and took care of the backyard. In addition we repainted the house black to give it a more modern aesthetic whilst again keeping some exposed wood to show the lockwood character.

We Only Do Fixed Price Renovation!