Dream Kitchen & Bathroom In A Lifestyle Home

Emel & Liya came to us concerned by the slippery tiles in their kitchen and the impact that it may have for the safety of their young kids.

Emel & Liya both work really hard to build the life and its comforts for their family. This one concern developed into a full house renovation. We took the time to help them redesign the layout of their downstairs to create a new wardrobe system, renovation of a small bathroom & renovation of their kitchen.

This job was important to us because at its core it was about family and improving the lives of their family.

Before they had reached out to us at Add Value they had always dreamed of making changes to their home. But like many families, they were concerned about the potential structural damage that might come with it.

Key requirements:

  • Create a functional space for their family and their lifestyle
  • Maintained the structural integrity
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Ensuring the house was safe for their children
  • Top quality and craftsmanship
  • On budget

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structural integrity

Creating a functional space & Maintaining structural integrity

This project was a whole house renovation in a lifestyle block. It used to be one small toilet and the goal was to create a bathroom in this space. It required a few lay out changes to create the wardrobe system. We collaborated with outside organisations YellowFox . They assisted with the drawing plan and interior design.

Aesthetic & Safe for kids

This project had to have both style and class to meet the house’s architectural design. We collaborated with Yellow Fox Interior design and Good kitchens to create their dream kitchen and bathroom. These areas were very unique with one of a kind black marble benchtops and custom fittings throughout the bathroom. We listen, we design, we collaborate and then we return a few options to the customer. The final say in every home goes back to the customer.

We don't make mistakes because we collaborate and work with trained experts on site and throughout your building process!

Bathroom Design

Kitchen Design

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