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Airbnb - A better use for your space

Hi! Brandon again,

This post has been an interesting one to write - and one that I'll personally be taking to heart in the future.

What is Airbnb?

For those of you who don't know, Airbnb is one of a number of services that allow users to list a room or rooms in their home or property as a sort of DIY hotel for travellers, out-of-towners, etc to stay in a usually cheaper fare. There are quite a few of these - FlipKey and HomeAway to name a couple, and they're brilliant for not only your wallet but also for getting to experience staying somewhere from the local perspective.

Benefits of a self-contained Airbnb

  • Low maintenance
  • Passive income
  • Meet new people (or not)
  • Not difficult to set up
  • Good way to use empty areas of your home

Self-contained Airbnb means your listed area has its own private facilities such as a kitchen and bathroom. Having these things means not only great convenience and privacy for the potential temporary guest, but also very low maintenance and input from you as the owner if you'd rather not have it.

Are there special requirements that need considering?

In new zealand, there are some requirements for building a second dwelling or area like it on one property - and some things that aren't necessary but should be done anyway.
For example:
In a recent job that Add Value completed, we had the customer wanting to convert the lower floor of his home into a self contained living space. To do this, council approval was required at various stages as things like a second kitchen had to be built and the entire area had to be re-protected against fire hazards and similar potential issues. Something that was not required but a good idea was the noice control surface we installed in the roof - it prevented any sound getting form upstairs to downstairs and vice-versa, which not only boosted the worth of the pace but gave both host and guest a better experience.

Now how do I get started, and what culd it earn?

Setting it up is easy - All you need is a photo or two of the area and you can go online to one of the Airbnb-like websites, create an account, and list the area with the photos you took. simple!

As for what you could earn? How much you get from it depends a lot on demographic and size/quality as well as number of guests you can host - but most commonly are places like apartment rooms and entire houses / batches that aren't often used and can have anywhere from to 4 guests staying at a time. These can range anywhere from 90 dollars per night up to a couple of hundred dollars a night each, and higher - so if you can get a good place set up to host, you can be generating a couple of thousand a month with little effort on your part!

Have any more questions?

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