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Getting into the blogging scene!

Hi! I'm Brandon Lovegrove - A recent member of the Add Value team.

And before I explain what I'm doing on here - let me start with a quote.

"A lot of jobs I get are from little things like leaky showers and sinks, stuff like that - and Add Value has always been about trust and customer satisfaction. This is only the next obvious step"
- Simon Liu : Director of Add Value Renovations

From today onward, I'll be working with Simon to create some quality content that we'll strive to ensure is both informative, and genuinely useful for the average homeowner - as well as the occasional success story from our customers.

This blog will target pesky home maintenance issues that many get, and most don't know what to do with - which could end with you paying for sometimes trivial things, even if many require a professional, that you could be doing yourself. Along side this, we hope to bring you some useful little tips straight from the team here at Add Value, things that you won't find anywhere online that our experienced members have picked up over their career.

If you have any suggestions, or are a customer who'd like their Add Value story on here, email me at or drop us a message in the contact page and we'll get back to you.