Commercial fit-outs for Retail, Office Fit Out and Executive remodeling in Auckland.

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Elevator Lobby Upgrade, Auckland CBD

Elevator Lobby Upgrade, Auckland CBD

We believe in exceptional building and renovation work that’s delivered on-time, within the quotation (so there are no surprises), and to the highest standard.

At Add Value Renovations, we believe in high-quality and cost-effective premium building services.

By working together with all parties, from architect and client to the electrician and plasterer, our commercial fit-out projects are completed with high efficiency, clear communication and value-driven cost effectiveness.

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Quality renovation starts with your vision for commercial fitout company

Consulting with the customer.

From the first discussions we have and following the on-site meeting, we'll piece together a clear picture of what kind of building project you have in mind. We'll relay that picture back to you and we will then start with the macro details to make sure we have a clear understanding of why you'd like to renovate your commercial property, what requirements you have, and any ideas or vision you already have in mind.

The more questions we ask, and the better we understand your vision of what needs to be done, the more value we can add when planning. We'll use our vast knowledge and building experience to harmonise the project between your architect, interior designer, council planning, and trades and services.

We work with top architects and interior designers

For the commercial fit-out for the Telco building, we worked with Ministry of architecture + interiors.

From the very beginning, we work closely with top architects and interior designers, keeping your budget, timeframe, and vision in mind.

With decades of experience in licensed building and renovation projects, we bring construction insight before the process even begins on paper. By keeping a clear line of communication and consulting with specialist architects and interior designers, we keep in mind materials, labour costs, council approval, and other vital elements before it becomes too costly to change it. This ensures an efficient build process that adds value without exceeding your budget.

In the following architectural drawing by Ministry of Architecture, you'll notice the lighting (bottom-left of the technical drawing) representing the final masterpiece as per the photo below.

Renovation technical plan drafted by architects for a commercial renovation in Auckland.
Lighting by Interior design architects.

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We'll protect your assets from damage during construction

Elevator lobby with pretective barriers.

Protecting floors, walls, and other parts of your property is as important to us as it is to you.

For high-value and bespoke renovations, or publicly-accessible renovations, we'll present a Scope of Works outlining the potential areas and hazards that may need protection and consideration, as well as protective measures to be put in place before work commences and during the building process.

We'll issue a hard copy for all employees and tradespeople to agree, sign, and adhere to. We'll also submit it for your approval before we begin work.

We can work weekends and after hours

We understand that commercial businesses often need work done outside of standard business hours to minimise disruption to customers, tenants, and employees.

We can work with your requirements to produce an action plan that gets the job done on time and with minimum disruption.

Our licensed building practitioners and other trades and services can work weekends, night shifts, or rotating shifts for the fastest possible installation and the smallest potential disruption.

Renovating after hours.

We use high-end materials and quality craftsmanship

Bespoke recessed seating with French laminate oak panels.

We work with the highest quality products and combine them with an exceptional standard of craftsmanship excellence to achieve a level of detail and sophistication beyond expectation.

For the commercial lobby renovation, we worked with:

  • Whitewashed American White Oak Timer Battens.
  • Custom made Prime-Laminate in French Oak panels.
  • Handmade Secto Owalo Scandinavian designer pendant.
  • Bespoke recessed seating booth, by expert local cabinet makers.

Why are office fit out services so important?

Our office fit out services at Add Value Renovations transform interiors, enhancing the reputation of your company and providing your employees with a space that will improve productivity by improving satisfaction levels.

Other commercial interior fit out companies in Auckland offer a very restricted level of service, but we understand you may need flexibility and an adaptable approach when you are planning an office renovation.

If it is a new build property, or you haven’t yet moved your team into the premises, timescales, specifications, and quality workmanship will be important.

If you already occupy the office being renovated, the above factors remain relevant but there are additional concerns to address. This includes causing minimal disruption to your operations as well as implementing effective health and safety procedures.

This is where our service really stands out from the competition as we’ll ensure the process works for you rather than disrupting your business. Excellent standards of quality are guaranteed too.

To discuss your ideas for a fit out service, or to get inspiration from our team, please contact us on 09 393 5658 today.

We'll complete the project on time and to the agreed budget

Here are a few photos demonstrating our quality craftsmanship and excellence in renovation. Photos are of the
Kingston Street commercial fit-out for the Tel-co building in CBD Auckland.

Finished Elevator Lobby commercial fit-out in Auckland.
Designer lighting for Elevator Lobby commercial fit-out in Auckland.
Bespoke seating for Elevator Lobby commercial fit-out in Auckland.
Enhanced lighting Elevator Lobby commercial fit-out in Auckland.

Talk to us today about your next commercial fit-out project. We service all of Auckland, and in some cases nationwide.

Talk to us today about your next commercial fit-out project. We service all of Auckland, and in some cases nationwide.

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